Non Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Vanish is a non laser method of tattoo removal using an all natural, non acid, saline based product.  The process is the same as getting a tattoo, but instead an anesthetic is applied instead of ink to minimize pain during the treatment.  Each appointment last from 30 minutes up to 2 hours or longer depending on the size of the tattoo and how much ink is left in the skin.

Tattoo Vanish has been successful in taking off all colors of ink as well as Permanent Makeup.  No larger than a 4 X 4 inch size will be done at one sitting; this is to ensure proper care of the scab and from the scab getting too uncomfortable for the client while the skin is healing.  The scab must stay dry for the best possible outcome of ink removal.  The ink continues to be drawn up into the scab the longer the scab stays on.  A well maintained scab should fall off in 2 weeks.  Should it get wet or prematurely removed due to the rubbing of clothes, picking, etc. there’s more chance of less ink removal, scar tissue forming, or infection to arise.  Aftercare is critical to having the best possible results of ink removal.  Aftercare instructions and cream will be given after a treatment to ensure proper healing of the area.

Average time between treatments is 6 to 8 weeks, with around 4 to 6 sessions for lightening and up to 12 sessions for removal.  More or less treatments could be required depending on whether the tattoo was at home or professionally done, if it’s been retouched or covered up, where it’s located on the body, whether there have been previous laser or other removal treatments done and how many sessions of removal, if there’s scar tissue present, etc.  

Not all clients will benefit from this procedure so a consultation is needed to see if you’re a good candidate.  If you’re a surfer, swimmer, athlete, please caution activities that might delay healing until the scab has fallen off.  Also, visible scarring may occur depending on the client’s skin type; darker skin types have been known to be more prone to keloid scarring.  If you’ve developed keloids in the past, there’s a risk that you might develop keloids with this procedure.  Hypertrophic (raised) or atrophic (pitted) scarring, hyperpigmentation (darkening) or hypopigmentation (lightening) of the skin may also occur.  Should scarring occur, there are ways to minimize them post treatment, however there’s no guarantee that the scar will disappear completely.  All of these details will be discussed with the client during consultation.

Tattoo Vanish can be used to:

  • Lighten a tattoo before cover-up
  • Correct or remove permanent make up
  • Removing a tattoo

Benefits of Tattoo Vanish vs Laser:

  • Removes all colors
  • Doesn’t kill hair follicles
  • Can remove white ink (laser removal can turn white ink black)
  • Safe to work around the eye area
  • Less painful
  • Less chance of scarring
  • Less treatments

Other benefits of Tattoo Vanish include less risk of ink getting trapped in the body while traveling out of the body’s waste system.  Laser breaks up the particles of ink wherein the ink is flushed via the blood and lymph system & out the body.  The ink could possibly get trapped in lymph nodes, fat or body tissue. Tattoo Vanish on the other hand removes the ink straight up from the skin, which is a faster, healthier alternative. 

Also, if a tattoo has any mixture of white ink, Laser will turn the skin black in those areas. Tattoo Vanish has been successful in taking out the black in those areas that have been lasered.

Tattoo Vanish is safe to use near the eyes for those with permanent makeup.

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