Dermaplaning is a non-invasive "mechanical" form of exfoliating that utilizes a sterile disposable blade to gently remove dead skin and peach fuzz.  This treatment is safe, painless, with no downtime; some even find it extremely relaxing and fall asleep during treatment.  Dermaplaning is also a hair removal alternative for those with super sensitive skin and who can't tolerate waxing, threading, or sugaring. 
  • Lightens, brightens, evens out skin tone 
  • Helps to minimize fine lines, wrinkles & acne scars
  • Minimizes the appearance of large pores
  • Increases skin cell turnover
  • Breaks up skin congestion 
  • Prepares skin for extractions
  •  An alternative to Microdermabrasion or other resurfacing treatments

Dermaplaning Ala Carte

A professional exfoliation that gently takes off dead skin, congestion, and peach fuzz. Also done an alternative method of hair removal for super sensitive skin or for those who can't tolerate waxing, threading, or sugaring. Your skin will be left smooth and soft as a baby's butt! Make up will glide on smoother; a great treatment before a special event or photo shoot.  Cleanse, dermaplaning, serum and/or SPF.

$85 / 60 minutes

Skin Brightening Facial

Cleanse, dermaplaning and chemical peel; extractions if needed.  This treatment is customizable to include a mask or other add-on treatment instead of a chemical peel.

$95 / 75 minutes

Skin Brightening Deluxe

Pamper yourself as well as give your skin an instant glow that will last for days. This treatment is customized to each client and consists of a thorough skin analysis and cleanse, light chemical or enzyme peel and dermaplaning to get rid of dead skin, extractions (as needed), face, neck & shoulder massage, specialized masque and serums to nourish and feed the skin, + hand & scalp massage to soothe your soul.

Recommended for those who want to address skin issues such as aging skin, pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles as well as get rid of facial peach fuzz. Dull complexions will be instantly revitalized and your skin will feel plump and smooth as a baby's butt.  You will leave feeling like a brand new person inside and out.

$125 / 90 minutes